Brand Protection and IP strategies begin at the outset of new product development and continue through to the conviction of counterfeiters. 

A strong IP protection strategy ensures that products and promotional materials are protected and clear for use.  Together with a clear process for tracking, reporting and taking action against infringements companies are in the best place to protect their investment against claims by third parties, loss of genuine sales, dilution of IP and damage to the brand.

What does Beaumont Watson do?

We work with marketing teams, production teams and other areas of the business to advise on the IP and compliance issues arising in relation to new product development, prepare strategies for protecting products and brands and support enforcement actions

Examples include:

Training marketing and product development teams on IP issues
Reviewing proposed artwork and advertising materials and advising on the legal issues
Preparing global IP protection and enforcement strategies
Lobbying and training enforcement authorities
Managing global contentious IP caseloads